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Everyday technology becomes a more significant part of our daily life, requiring more outlets, smart home appliances, and higher energy consumption. Ohio Valley Electric wants your home to stay up to date with new outlets and switches in Evansville that better manage your power consumption and make charging more accessible. An older home may not have enough plugs for your needs or standard outlets in areas where there should be safer GFCIs. Smart home light switches can listen to voice commands and remotely turn lights on and off. No matter what your home needs, we’re here with solutions.
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Electrical Outlet Upgrades

Standard outlets with only two plugs are things of the past. With today’s technological requirements, plugs take up significant space without optimizing charging capabilities.

Here are a few updates we recommend for your outlets::

  • Night lights integrated into outlet covers offers light for up to 90 minutes after a power outage and can light a hallway, so you never have to stumble to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Or it can calm young children afraid of the dark without sacrificing a clean design.
  • Plugs with USB outlets eliminate the clutter of phone and laptop chargers throughout the home by allowing you to charge everything in one place. Stop hunting for block adapters that prevent you from charging multiple devices simultaneously. USB outlets can create one complete charging station for efficient and effective charging.
  • Older homes may not have GFCI or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters that are now required in bathrooms and kitchens where water can cause shorts. Protect your home and electrical system with safer GFCIs. Ohio Valley Electric provides expert outlets and switches in Evansville that can further improve your home.

Advantages of Smart Switches

Smart home switches can connect fans, lights, and other appliances. These are often controlled with voice commands or through an app on your phone. With smart switches, you can program lights to turn on or off, a coffee maker to begin brewing before you wake up, or blinds to open in the morning.
The benefits of smart switches include:
  • Convenience: You don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving a light on after leaving home or walking across a dark room to turn the light on. With a simple voice command, you can enter a brightly lit room or turn off lights remotely from your phone.
  • Ambiance: You may be able to program a smart switch to slowly increase brightness in the morning or dim it at bedtime. This allows you to wind down slowly at night and wake peacefully in the morning.
  • Whole-home integration: Integrating your home through smart switches allows you to control various devices with one mobile app. Control your coffee maker, turn on the air conditioner before you arrive home, or preheat the oven so you can complete daily tasks faster.
  • Increased security: Never enter a dark home again when you can control your lights with an app on your phone. You may also be able to monitor your security cameras and light up outside areas when you hear a concerning noise.
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