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Upgrading Your Electrical System in Warrick County

Your electrical panel disperses power throughout your home’s circuits, and if it goes out of service, your entire house is affected. As a BBB accredited company, we’ve served thousands of customers with same-day appointments. Nothing is more important to us than our community; that’s why we work hard to provide affordable service and reduce utility costs with our sister company, Ohio Valley Solar. With inefficient systems and worn components, outdated electrical panels can also increase your monthly expenses. Ohio Valley Electric offers expert electrical panels in Evansville that make your home safer and more efficient.

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When Should I Replace My Electrical Panel?

Your electrical system is dangerous, and when you don’t know what’s happening behind your walls, it can put your home at risk for an electrical fire.

Consider an upgrade if your electrical panel meets these requirements:

  • It’s original to your home: If your home is over 25 years old, your system is outdated and unsafe compared to today’s new regulations. The National Electric Code updates every three years, so today’s components’ safety requirements are vastly different from 25 years ago.
  • Lights dim when using appliances: Today’s devices may require more energy, and lights may dim when using appliances with higher power draws if your system is outdated or you have limited circuits. This is a sign that your electrical is overloaded and needs an upgrade.
  • It’s warm to the touch: If your electrical panel is hot to the touch or your notice discolored outlets, there may be exposed wires behind your walls. This can lead to arching, electrocution, or a fire.
  • You need more outlets: If you’re using extension cords in most of your plugs or are constantly struggling to plug in all your devices, you may need more circuits. Upgrading your electrical panels in Evansville allows you to add plugs that better meet your needs.

Common Breaker Panel Repairs

You may notice minor problems with your breaker panel, like frequently tripped breakers or small amounts of rust, but as these issues are ignored, they create more difficult and costly repairs.
Here are common breaker panel repairs to watch out for:
  • Occasionally, you may trip a circuit breaker when you overload your system, but if this happens frequently, it is a sign you need repair. This may be caused by frayed wire causing small surges or energy demands your system can’t handle. You may need to update your wiring or completely replace your breaker so this happens less.
  • In older panels, rust and corrosion are common. However, this shows excessive humidity or a plumbing leak behind your wall. Trust Ohio Valley Electric to inspect this corrosion and assure you that the panel is still safe. You may be able to use a portable dehumidifier as a short-term solution to this problem, but our professionals can provide you with long-term and affordable solutions
  • Unusually high bills with the same amount of usage are an indicator of a faulty circuit. Let us help you save money over time by making your panel more efficient with new circuits and safer wiring.
Ohio Valley Electric wants your home to meet your needs with updated electrical panels in Evansville. Don’t put your family or home at risk when we offer affordable solutions.
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