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During severe weather, you may lose power, food, and communication between family members. A whole-home generator in Evansville turns on within moments of a power outage. During emergencies, you must be prepared and control what you can, like the effects of severe weather on your home. Back-up generators can help restore power faster and provide energy for vital functions like an electric stove, phone chargers, or radios for weather updates. Don’t be without electricity when you need it the most; trust Ohio Valley Electric for fast, affordable solutions.

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Why Use Standby Generators

Many homeowners may begin with a portable generator that can run a few essential aspects of their home and still be uncomfortable during a power outage. A standby generator is bigger and prevents power surges from damaging large appliances.

Reasons you should invest in a standby generator include:

  • Quiet operation
  • Greater power production
  • Automatic start-up
  • Less refueling

Portable generators may be suitable for minor things like holiday light displays or tailgating, but standby generators completely power your home without hesitation. Manually starting a portable generator during severe weather can be difficult and dangerous. Standby generators operate quieter than mobile versions and can keep your whole home running, preventing the loss of food or suffering from excessive temperatures. Standby generators often run-on propane or natural gas, so you don’t need to refuel every few hours like a portable generator.

Does My Home Need an Emergency Generator?

You may think an emergency generator is an unnecessary investment because you don’t lose power that much, and you have battery packs or flashlights that can help you during severe weather. Even if you don’t lose power often, have medical appliances, or are tired of throwing out newly bought food, you can benefit from an emergency generator.

Suppose your family consists of elderly people, children, or chronically ill adults. In that case, an emergency generator can run medical appliances, HVAC systems to stay comfortable, and entertainment devices to keep children calm. Severe weather can be stressful, but keeping your family members relaxed or distracted can make staying safe much more manageable. If you’re worried about flooding, a whole-home generator in Evansville can run an electric sump pump to protect your basement.

To choose the right type of emergency generator for your family, there are three main factors to consider: the size of your home, your typical energy usage, and the frequency of power outages. A standby generator may work better for your family if you have a large home and experience regular power outages. If you don’t run emergency medical equipment and your other energy requirements are low, a portable generator could work for you. You can measure the typical wattage your home uses via an app on your phone or the electric meter outside. Using that number, you want to choose a generator that meets those power requirements while using less than 90% of its capacity.

Ohio Valley Electric has ten years of experience helping our community be prepared with a whole-home generator in Evansville. Don’t wait for an emergency to realize you need backup power.

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