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Our ceiling fan services in Evansville have many benefits for your home. It is an excellent addition to your space for light, a steady breeze, and contemporary styling. In moderate weather, when you may not want to turn on your air conditioner, a ceiling fan can reduce your temperature by as much as eight degrees while spending 10-40% less energy than your HVAC system. Ohio Valley Electric has ten years of experience providing affordable electrical solutions completed correctly the first time.

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DIY vs. Professional Fan Installation

DIY installation of a new ceiling fan can be strenuous, especially when you try to connect the fan while keeping it from falling.

Benefits of professional ceiling fan installation include:

  • Safety: Improper installation can lead to electrocution, personal injury, or electrical fires. Our professionals have training that allows us to properly and safely provide ceiling fan services in Evansville.
  • Fast installation: Like many DIY solutions, it may take hours for you to install the fan, even with help. Ohio Valley Electric can install a fan in your home in no time for faster electrical solutions.
  • Peace of mind: Our ten years of experience allow us to provide peace of mind that your fan is installed safely with the correct components. Many part warranties require proper installation to be valid, and our professionals are the best team to call.

The most common reason for DIY solutions is cost, but Ohio Valley Electric is affordable and works with you and your budget. We’ve served thousands of customers with our ten years of experience and are a team you can count on.

Troubleshooting Common Ceiling Fan Problems

When you experience problems with your ceiling fan, you must troubleshoot and repair these problems quickly so they don’t continue to affect your system. The longer a repair goes ignored, the more problems it can cause for your fan.

Common ceiling fan issues and potential solutions:

  • Noise or humming: All ceiling fans have a little noise, but it may grow louder over time. Any unusual sounds like clicking or rattling is a sign you need repair. Screws may loosen over time because of vibration, or your fan could need oiling to reduce squeaking.
  • Wobbling ceiling fan: If your fan is wobbling, it’s because something is off-center. Measure the distance between fan blades. They should be the same distance; if one is off by an inch, it can cause a wobbling fan. You may try a ceiling fan balancing kit and double-check that all screws are tightened.
  • Slow operation or skipped speeds: You may notice your fan is going slower than usual or skipping speeds when you turn it on. This is often because of a bad capacitor. This requires the ceiling fan to be taken down, and the capacitor replaced. Trust Ohio Valley Electric for expert ceiling fan repairs if you notice this problem.
  • Flickering lights: If your ceiling fan has a light but doesn’t come with a wall switch, this problem is often caused by a faulty switch. Newer fans have LEDs that require specific dimmer switches, making standard controls cause flickering lights. If you have questions about replacement parts or the correct light switch for your ceiling fan, our team can help.
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