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Your electrical system constantly influences your home and daily routine, whether it is charging your phone or turning on a light. When something goes wrong, you want long-lasting, fast, affordable solutions. Ohio Valley Electric is committed to getting the job done right the first time with prices that match your budget and same-day appointments. We have ten years of experience serving our community with expert electrical repair services in Evansville.

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Home Electrical Maintenance

Maintaining your electrical system is critical to reducing repairs and stopping them from becoming more significant issues. Begin with an indoor inspection by touching light switches and electrical outlets. If they’re warm to the touch, discolored, or you hear unusual sounds, it’s time to call the professionals. Then test your outlets either with a receptacle tester or a lamp. If the outlet has stopped working, you may have loose or faulty wiring that needs to be replaced. For GFCI outlets, test them by plugging in your lamp, causing it to light up. Then press the test button to turn the lamp off and press reset for the lamp to work again.

Outside, look for trees that are close to power lines. During severe weather, a fallen tree or branch could cause you to lose power for long periods. Tree maintenance professionals can describe proper techniques to reduce the chance of fallen limbs. Your home may have an electrical subpanel or breaker panel outside that you should inspect for rust, corrosion, or unusual sounds. If you notice any problems, Ohio Valley Electric is here with an affordable solution!

Signs You Need Electrical Repair

You may work hard to keep your system in good health, but as electrical components age, they will eventually need repair. Ohio Valley Electric has provided expert electrical repair services in Evansville for ten years.
If you notice these signs, it’s time to call our professionals:
  • Burning odor
  • Flickering lights
  • Sparking
  • Unusual noises
  • Frequently tripped breakers
A burning odor or hot to the touch outlets signify exposed and arcing wires behind your walls. Poor connections or worn-out wire insulation often cause this. Sparking every time you use an outlet could damage other components or start a fire. Lights may flicker because of a faulty switch or overloaded circuit. If you reduce your energy consumption in the area and still experience flickering, we can help replace the defective switch.

Sounds like cracking, sizzling, clicking, or buzzing shouldn’t be coming from your electrical system. This may be caused by issues with your breaker, ungrounded outlets, or loose connections. Frequently tripping breakers signify an outdated panel, worn-out breaker, or damaged wiring. These two problems are especially prevalent in older homes with an electrical panel or other components that are 25 years or older.

Ohio Valley Electric cares about our community with solar solutions that lower your utility bill and expert electrical repair services in Evansville that get your home up and running again in no time. For fast, affordable, and long-lasting results, there’s no other team to trust.

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